Let us begin by thanking you for the patronage and favor you have shown to Furuta Confectionery and our products. Where we are as a company today owes to your continuing support and consideration, and is truly appreciated on our part.

As you well know, lives, livelihoods and entire economies around the world have been seriously impacted by Covid-19 to a degree that will go down in history.
The situation has made us all too aware of the importance of “food” and our responsibilities to keep customers supplied, and given stronger meaning to our corporate slogan of “Smile Factory (keeping customers happy)”.

We are reflecting this drive in our four pillar businesses as follows during the current year.

With our Family Chocolate line, we are increasing production of our main products – Nama Cream Chocolate, Kaki no Tane (Persimmon Seed) and Do-Re-Mi Song Chocolate – to keep store shelves stocked and to further develop our brand by more aggressively marketing our strong-selling products.

In our Chocolate Egg line, we are continuing to provide the host of characters from popular series we currently sell and will enrich the line with new series and flanking products.

With our Pocketable Sweets, we want to expand sales of our long-selling Sequoia Chocolate, Wanage Chocolate and High-Eight Chocolate.

Lastly, with our Baked Confectionery line, we are adding to last year’s efforts to expand our brand via increased marketing of our Sequoia Cookies and new product releases. Moreover, we will be launching new cookies through collaborations with other companies, as well as debuting cookies based on popular character series as we do every year.

On the production front, we are keeping our practices compliant with ISO22000 and FSSC22000 as part of our promise to customers to properly and attentively manage safety and quality.

2020 is testing the resolve and ingenuity of mankind, but, at Furuta Confectionery, we are doubling our efforts and moving with greater speed to help customers nationwide feel safe, secure and happy.

We ask for your continued guidance and encouragement of Furuta Confectionery.

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